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Lydia Ross, Cactus Hugger, 2019. Two parts: watercolor on paper; dimensions variable
Susy Gomez, Untitled, date unknown . Watercolor and pencil on paper; 14 × 18 in.

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This delightful and mysterious work on paper hung in the halls of Curie Metropolitan High School in Archer Heights for years, during which time I was often in the arts wing collaborating on artist residencies through the MCA. This piece brought pure delight with each encounter (and there were many, many encounters). I asked my colleague Valerie Xanos, art teacher and artist, who the artist was, and whether I could purchase it. One day it was gone. Somehow Val found it, and gave it to me right as I was leaving the museum, after five years of wonderful partnership. I love this trippy piece! Thanks, Susy Gomez, wherever and whoever you are!