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Curtis Miller, Gutter (from The Rehearsal), 2020. Archival inkjet print and walnut frame ; 14 × 17 in.
Anonymous amateur photographer, Daytona '500' - Feb. 2001 - 175 Lap - Dale Sr. Killed this day at End of Race, 2011. Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper; 8 × 10 in.

19  Description

For the on-going series The Rehearsal, an image of a group of gymnasts from the opening ceremony of the 1980 Soviet Olympics is endlessly edited, rearranged, and rephotographed.

19b  Description

An image taken by an anonymous amateur photographer during the 2001 Daytona 500, twenty-five laps before the crash that killed Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Pictured is car number three (Dale Earnhardt Sr.) in the center background, framed by car number eight (Dale Earnhardt Jr.) and car number fifteen (Michael Waltrip, the winner of the race).

The race that ended in tragedy was also one of racing dynasties. The photograph above includes two major racing families, the Earnhardts and the Waltrips. Michael Waltrip’s brother, former nascar driver Darryl Waltrip, was the head commentator of the race. This was Michael Waltrip’s first Daytona 500 win.