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David Cordero, SSPA01, 2016. Denier CORDURA® Nylon Camouflage Fabric—MultiCam Black and YKK zippers; 36 × 22 × 1 in.
Jonathan Paul Gillette, DC Talk T-Shirt , 2016. Oil on canvas; 16 × 20 × 1 in.

05  Description

“My interest in camouflage began at an early age, from memories of my father coming home from work after a long day at the military base in his BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform) to my first introductions to hip-hop music with artist like Public Enemy, The Wu-Tang Clan and Dead Prez wearing camouflage in music videos on B.E.T and in magazines like The Source. As an artist and designer, I’ve become increasingly interested in the intersection of military aesthetics, domestic policing, and urban civilian fashion.”

05b  Description

This painting by Jonathan Paul Gillette depicts an assortment of tour merchandise for the Christian rap/rock trio DC Talk. I’m interested in the many ways people participate in their communities through their clothing choices. I like the way tour merchandise allows you to extend an experience as well as send a signal. Though much of Gillette’s work centers around painting, it has informed much of my thinking about garment design.