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Gina Hunt, Quadrants, 2020. Dye, acrylic, canvas, and poplar; 56 3/4 × 56 3/4 × 1 3/4 in.
Unknown, Untitled, c. 1950. Crocheted cotton; 9 × 9 in.

09  Description

No description

09b  Description

This is a doily made by my great-grandfather’s sister.


Gina Hunt explores physical, spatial relationships largely within the bounds of painting in order to ask questions about the complexities and subjectivity of vision, color, and perception. Working extensively with canvas, dye, paint, and wood, her process-based works are sites of perceptual phenomena while remaining rooted in a material-based physicality. The work is produced using manual, repetitive processes which present layers of heightened optical nuances through their construction and craft. Material choices are rooted in the traditions of painting, with an understanding that canvas is a malleable textile and a wooden stretcher can absorb color. The canvas and its wooden support become image, object, and subject.

Solo exhibitions of Hunt’s work have been presented at 65Grand, The Franklin, University Galleries at Illinois State University, and Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar.

She has been awarded artist residencies at Chicago Artists Coalition, Hinge Arts, and Badlands National Park, as well as a Fellowship with Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar.