Exhibitionisms is a group exhibition arranged by Nicole Mauser, Sheila Majumdar, and Tobey Albright and will run from Nov 7, 2020–Jan 16, 2021, concurrently at Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Space & Time galleries, in Chicago, IL.

Exhibitionisms will present arrangements of artworks and objects in orbit—shifting locations and placements to performatively engage the mechanisms of publication-as-exhibition-making.

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Nov. 1–15
Virutal Opening


Sat, Jan. 2, 2021 The in-person re-installation planned for Virtual Opening B is now available. View the updated installation documentation for Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Space & Time. Below you'll find new digital artworks and ways to experience Exhibitionisms from home.

Panel Discussion and Closing

Sat, Jan. 16, 2021

Subject: Exhibitionisms Group Show at TSA opens November 7


Nov 7, 2020–Jan 16, 2021

Online Opening
Sat, Nov 7, 4pm–7pm

Online Program
Sat, Nov 21, 4pm-7pm

Closing Event
Sun, Dec 13, time TBD

Dearest Friends of the Arts,

These are strange times and in spite of it all, we want you to know that you are incredibly important to us and help to shape our own practices as artists, thinkers, and friends. As such, we want to honor this feeling formally and would love to invite you to attend in person and/or view remotely an exhibition entitled Exhibitionisms. This group exhibition is arranged by Nicole Mauser, Sheila Majumdar, and Tobey Albright. It will run from November 7 to December 13, 2020, co-hosted by Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Space & Time galleries, in Chicago, IL.

Over 20 artists have each lent us an artwork to represent their practices, along with an object from their personal collections. Exhibitionisms will present arrangements of these artworks and objects in orbit. We will document the objects’ shifting placements over the duration of the exhibition to become the catalogue. We will engage the mechanisms of publication-as-exhibition-making, to combine the material and digital realms (as a choreographed performance of sorts). By arranging new adaptations of artworks/objects, we hope to unlock, identify, and share mutualisms to create new potential meanings. Think of it as a house party of objects that lasts over a month—a celebration of physical exchange in a time of encouraged distance.

We will celebrate with an online opening, some light programming and texts, plenty of documentation, and an e-pub with experimental aspirations. There will be a virtual opening on Saturday, November 7 from 4pm–7pm online at exhibitionisms.club. On Saturday, November 21st we will host an online program from 4pm-7pm. At the closing event on December 13, we will release an exhibition catalogue in the form of an electronic publication housed inside a handmade artist book-like object. The e-pub features a digital archive of the entire collaborative exhibition effort, including in situ images of the artworks and objects prior to their journey to the respective galleries.

Exhibitionisms has evolved from Privates, a durational installation of personal art and object collections in the form of an interactive exhibition catalogue. The exhibition was organized with the help of our friend Ryan Peter Miller and took place at Carthage College in 2017. If you’d like to learn more about that exhibition, feel free to read the wonderful essay our friend Jeff Ward wrote for the catalogue, here.

Exhibitionisms will take place simultaneously at two locations: TSA and a new storefront gallery in Chicago called Space & Time. We will begin taking reservations for in-person visits beginning on November 7, here. Regardless of whether you choose to encounter this exhibition online, in person, or not at all, our admiration for you remains.

Fondly Yours,
Nicole Mauser
Sheila Majumdar
Tobey Albright

Exhibitionisms includes works by


Tiger Strikes Asteroid Chicago
2233 S Throop St, #419
Chicago IL 60608 (map)

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Space & Time
3307 W. Irving Park Rd.
Chicago, IL 60618 (map)

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Image credits: 1: (Left) Video still from Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli’s Eyes House, 2020. (Right) Digitized 8mm film still from Thomas L. Little’s DEW Line, 1956. 2: (Left ) At-home preview image of Bradley Wester’s Two Princes, 2017. (Right) At-home preview image of Sara Peter’s Gold Satyr, 2013. 3: (Left) At-home image of Sheila Majumdar’s Whisker Fatigue, 2020. (Right) At-home image of Sheila’s collection object, Margaret Schäfer’s Untitled Crabs, c. 2014. 4: (Left) Image of Gina Hunt’s Quadrants, 2020. (Right) At-home image of Gina Hunt’s collection object, (no title), c. 1950. 5: (Left) At-home image of Unyimeabasi Udoh’s Untitled (Pity Party), 2020. (Right) At-home image of Unyimeabasi Udoh’s collection object, Untitled ("Turtles All the Way Down" Box), Date unknown.